Stereo Surgeons, Inc.
Established 1986
Tuners are reconditioned by an experienced, licensed technician using the finest materials and test equipment in a modern environment.  Since 1986 we have specialized in high end tuner repair and alignment, we also do tuner modifications.

The Complete Check-Up
In addition to the specific problem(s) your unit is sent to us to correct, unless otherwise instructed, we also perform a routine maintenance.  For tuners this consists of the following:

1)  Replace all incandescent lamps. 
2)  Deoxidize all switches and controls.
3)  Deoxidize tuner bearings/wipers, if so equipped.         
4)  Resolder heat stressed connections. 
5)  Align: AM & FM RF stages, sweep IF stages and align if necessary, detector stage, stereo
     separation and distortion.
6)  Clean the outside of the unit and seal.

We warranty materials and workmanship on all units for a period of 6 months from the date of pickup, unless expressed otherwise in writing.  This warranty does not cover abuse and/or neglect.  

Before leaving our shop all units are operated continuously for a minimum of three days and then cycled on and off for another two days to ensure there are no remaining defects.  After this burn in period the tuner returns to the alignment bench to ensure no adjustments have drifted.  

We make every effort to provide you with lasting satisfaction from your audio equipment.  A small tag with our phone number will be affixed to either the rear or bottom of your unit.  Please feel free to call us if you seek advice.
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