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Shipping To Us
How to pack your item
  • Place the item in a plastic bag to prevent pieces of packing material from getting inside the item.
  • Use the largest bubble wrap available to you (minimum 5/16”).
  • Use at least five layers of bubble wrap.
  • Use extra protection on the face, rear, corners and any area that sticks out or is especially delicate.
  • Heavy items need more protection; use more layers of bubble wrap.
  • Fill empty spaces with bubble wrap or foam board.
  • Use a sturdy box and be certain that the item is packed tightly to avoid shifting during transit.
  • Use an inside and an outside box.  After your item is prepared as above, place it in a larger box.  The boxes should have at least two-inch clearance on each side.  Use filler such as foam board, peanuts or bubble wrap between the two boxes packing it tightly so the inner box doesn't shift during transportation.
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the outer box preferably anchored to the inner box.  This can be used for identification if the outer label is damaged. 
  • If the original packing is in good condition - not broken, torn or worn - this can be used.  After putting your item in the original packing, place the original package into a larger box (at least two-inch clearance on each side).  Fill the space between boxes with foam board, peanuts, bubble wrap, or other filler packing it tightly so the inner box doesn't shift during transportation.
  • Add an appropriate amount of insurance - check with the shipping company for their specifications.

If you pack according to the above instructions and if the packing material arrives in good condition, then we will not have to charge you for extra packaging for return shipment.  We will not return an item with substandard packing. offers additional guidelines
Points to remember:
1) You must obtain an authorization number from us before you ship! We will not accept any shipped item that does not have an authorization number.  To obtain an authorization number telephone us (860-528-8837) or email us (, tell us the manufacturer and model of your item, and tell us any symptoms and any concerns you have (why are you sending the item to us?).

2) Inside the box enclose a note indicating all that you find wrong with the item and what work you desire performed, your telephone number, your email address, your return shipping address, and a nonrefundable inspection fee of $30. We’ll call for a Visa or MasterCard number if this inspection fee is not enclosed.  The inspection fee will be deducted from your final invoice but will not be returned if the item is not repaired.  The customer is responsible for all shipping expenses.

Occasionally people want to send items to us for repair.  Before you pack your item and send it on its way, please read the following.
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