Geno Sign Is Good
October 25, 2002
Why would some people in East Hartford be in such a twit about a sign at Stereo Surgeons on Main Street that says, "Geno is God"?  The sign refers to Geno Auriemma, women's basketball coach at the University of Connecticut. The coach is not the God, of course - even his most ardent fans would have to agree. Most passersby would take the title as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to a man and an experience that united the entire state.  Ken Bernacky, store owner and basketball fan, put it in the window after the UConn women won the national championship last spring. An administrator at the church across the street was offended by it, and said so. Now Mr. Bernacky's refusal to remove it has become a cause célèbre and allegedly violates zoning regulations. So what about the other signs in his window? And the American flag?   Must they come down too?Basketball is all-consuming to some folks, and such tributes are meant to make people smile. It's not like Mr. Bernacky is advocating drug use or cursing in print. He should be able to post his beliefs on his own property without being labeled a heretic.
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