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Established 1986
The Town of East Hartford, CT. conspired to, and succeeded in, violating the United States Constitution, First amendment, as it applies to freedom of speech, property rights, due process,  and the separation of church and state. This incident involved a paper sign that we had inside the store in our front window. The action appears to have been initiated by one or more individuals or groups, associated with the local church community, who disagreed with the sign's wording and influenced town politicians into forcing the sign removal under the guise of a zoning violation. Rather than rehash the facts I have listed the newspaper articles in chronological order. Clicking on the links below will bring up each respective article. They are accurate and paint the complete picture. Especially enlightening are the Hartford Courant Editorial Page Staff Commentary, the Hartford Courant Letters to the Editor, and the Journal Inquirer Editorial. The Connecticut Civil Liberties Union has successfully righted this violation.  We had spoken with the nationally known civil rights attorney Gerry Spence who agreed that this was an injustice.

I am grateful for the support I have received from the local and national communities.


The price of liberty is eternal vigilance -Thomas Jefferson
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