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Established 1986
For Sale
Occasionally we have customers who leave items behind after they've been repaired; sometimes customers upgrade their systems and have equipment with lots of life still in it; sometimes people leave the area and can't take all of their equipment with them.  For a variety of reasons we have very good items that are for sale.  Unless specified otherwise; 1) all of the items we sell have been tested and reconditioned if necessary by a licensed technician, and 2) all of them carry our standard 180 day warranty.  Listed below are some of the items we have. The list changes; so if you want something specific, please e-mail us to find out if it's available.
Telephone us 860-528-8837
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A long time (decades) local customer is moving to Florida and has requested that we sell the following items for him. These were in storage in his attic and are of varying degrees of cosmetic condition. Terms: Preference will be given to local pickup, as is, no warranty, all sales final (unless specified otherwise in writing). All items will be demonstrated and if work is desired that can be arranged. Email ( or telephone us @ 8605288837 for more information. All serious offers considered.


NAD 4155, quantity 1
Onkyo T4130, Quantity 1
Sansui TU-417, quantity 1
Sansui TU-517, quantity 2 (shown in below picture)
Sansui TU-717, quantity 5 (shown in below picture)
Sansui TU-D99XX, quantity 1
Technics ST-3150, quantity 1
Technics ST-8080, quantity 1
Yamaha T-7, quantity 1
Yamaha T-80, quantity 1


Yamaha MX-600/U, quantity 2 (with original boxes, packing, and owner’s manual)

Below is a video showing greater detail of these tuners' faceplates with commentary.

Sony TA-E1000ESD  control preamplifier with digital signal processing.