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Customer Comments
Dear Ken,
I am writing to thank you for not only repairing my 25 year old Harmon Kardon amplifier but doing so at record speed.  As I had told you, this amp was like an old friend who hadn't worked optimally for over a decade.

It had spent as much as 6 months at a time with other "so-called stereo experts" -- all unable, in the end, to bring my "ailing friend" back to life.

I take my hat off to you for your exceptional knowledge, skill, professionalism and kindness.

Listening to "Strawberry Fields Forever" as it is meant to be heard (the first song I played) brought me joy.  Thanks again....

M. S. C.
To Whom It May Concern,
We had to wait for our turntable a long time  to be be repaired.  Now it's "home" I want to thank you for taking time and patience to fix it.  We appreciate having it back and are enjoying it.
We appreciate your lengthy explanation, also.  We thank you --
K. F.
Dear Ken,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent repair and prompt service to my equipment over the years.  Be assured that I will refer your service to anyone in need of repairs to any stereo electronics.
Once again thank you very much STEREO SURGEONS, INC.
Very truly your,
DJ   R.B.
I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your fast service on my mixing board.  Once again your company has "saved the show".
I'm sure I'll see you again.
A. L., DJ Service
This is just a quick note to thank you for your service.
Over the years I have brought many pieces of equipment to you on its last leg.  Each time they have been returned to me like new.
Your services are always high quality, honest, and quick.
I can't thank you enough.
J. T. Director, Beats per Minute
I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the time you gave to help us with our stereo.
You really went the extra mile to help us and I'd like for you to know that it was much appreciated and very kind.
Thank you,
S. B.
P.S. The stereo runs great!
Dear Ken,
Thank you very much for repairing the base amp.. It was appreciated.  It is working fine now.
I did some taping on the cassette that was fixed at your place.  It seems to be working fine now.  Thank you very much, and please thank the person that worked on it.  I am very satisfied.
B. R.
Thank you again for "fixing" my receiver the  other day!  I still cannot believe that I had the cords plugged in wrong, but after your simple directions I took it home and spent all of 15 minutes correcting the issue & now I have music!  I appreciate your honesty!
Thank you, Anne

January 27, 2004
Stereo Surgeons
1195 Main Street
East Hartford, CT 06108

Dear Ken,

Just a note to let you know how much your stereo expertise means to me.  Refurbishing the 1968 vintage Magnavox console stereo was something I wanted to do since I inherited it 10 years ago. The cabinet was full of albums, from Frank Sinatra to classical.  You were the only one willing to fix it!  You're now tied with Geno!
Whenever I'm listening to those old LPs, I will think of you with a smile!  Thanks again.

Happy listening,
To all concerned -

I own four units that Ken has worked on and they are all exceptional. Three are tuners  modified to perform and sound better (and boy do they) and one is an older receiver resurrected from a sad  state. All I can say is that if I need repairs it's going to Stereo Surgeons. The concientious attitude here is what makes for a great team. That kind of thing is hard to find in this day and age of throw away electronics. Not many even know how to begin on older electronics that were made to last.  Just believe that you won't go wrong with repairs done here.

Best Regards,
Don Nesbit
Hi Ken,
Thanks so much for the email addresses for John.  I'll try them!
It is such a PLEASURE to do business with someone like you, so thanks so much for the work you did on our AIWA.  You're the GREATEST!!
Take care!
Helen and Don 
We received the following email after we repaired a Sansui preamp for this person who sent us her item from California:

 Thank you very much for the great repair on my vintage stereo. 

        You were so easy to work with. 



The Ct 7000 arrived today in perfect shape. Good packing. Thanks!

I am listening to it right now. All works great. The tuner has much
better resolution, as you know. I can almost guess the brand of
compressors the stations are using!  :-)

The classical station has a much better sound stage, deeper and wider.
The top end is crystal clear. The new dc coupling caps (Black Gates )
seemed to have helped tighten up and deepen the bass. Overall, it pretty
much is improved in every way. I am very happy with your work. I will
recommend your shop to others I know with high end vintage gear.


Ken Kirkpatrick D.D.S.

Dear Stereo Surgeons,

    Ken and Carol, I would like to thank you both for a job well done!  Ken, you worked miracles with that old Pioneer TX-9800.  I never thought that it would work right.  When I first got it from my brother, I figured that it was junk.  I'm glad I sent it to you.  I'm listening to it right now and I'm impressed with it's performance for a fairly inexpensive tuner.  I also appreciate the extra knob you installed.  

    It was nice doing business with a company that doesn't charge the proverbial "arm and leg!"  You will certainly be on the top of my list for any other tuner repairs that I might have. 


Darel Dillingham    
Geno may be God, but Ken is Kozmic...

The Akai AT-2600 sounds phantasmagoric...mucho thanks
for a job well done.. you'll see me again,


Forgot to tell you.  I had a friend in from Chicago.  I had her listen to all my tuners; she liked the Sony you worked on the best.  She said it had a full, sweet sound.  I told her it was worked on by you.

There you are--another happy customer.

Dear Carol,

Thanks for the invoice and explanations. Especially, please, thank Ken
for including a Radio Shack part number for the antenna. That way I can
look at it and see if the one I've been using all these years is
comparable or not!

I really appreciated doing business with you: (1) The fact that Ken
actually works with older equipment. (2) Your website with its story of
confronting bureaucracies--and winning. Geno is God! (3) Your clear
guidelines & explanations throughout the shipping and repair. (4) Your
rapid service. I'm looking forward to listening to the Met again!



As I told you this morning, I'm an ACLU carrying card member.
So, I hate to tell you what to do in your property but... You have to
remove that sign.
And replace it with "Ken is god!" :-)

I have only one word to describe your work:  Awesome!

Thank you very much. It was a real pleasure to talk to you today. You
have a new customer for life.


You'll not believe this.  When my amplifier broke, Julie convinced me to get a new one. "Don't be silly. That is an old piece of junk. If you fix it, it will cost the same than a new one but it is old and it will break again".  And I let her convince me. So, I went ahead and auditioned some amplifiers before setting for a Rotel integrated amplifier. Very good reviews on many audio magazines (The Absolute Sound and others)

But after that I couldn't resist. I had the feeling that my Sansui AU-919 was very good.  Plus, it served me so faithfully, like an old friend. I couldn't leave there like that. So, I had to have it fixed.

Today I got the Rotel (RA-1062). What a surprise! I know that you are an engineer and that you probably believe that unless you can measure a difference, they probably sound the same. But they sound different. Stereo separation. Clarity. Many things. Even Julie agreed. And very quickly! Double blind test. She did not know which one I was testing.
And the surprise? The Sansui AU-919 was much better! By far!!!!!!
Thank God I had it fixed. Man! You did a good job with that one. (And
if you don't believe, I'll do a demonstration for you).
Thanks again
PS: The question is now what do I do with the Rotel? :-\
Dear Ken,

Thank you for a job well done!  My Rotel amp is working perfectly  
once again thanks to your expertise.  I appreciate the time you spent  
answering my questions and for a thorough explanation of the repair.   
Service like that is rare in this day and age.  Hope this note finds  
you well.

Be Well,

Rosanna C.
Hampden, MA

We received the following email after restoring this customer’s Kenwood KT-8007 (which was in very bad shape when it arrived):

Thank you for repairing my tuner. The FM section still sounds great.  The increased sensitivity and expanded band width is greatly appreciate.  The AM section is something else!  It has always sounded like a small table radio.  No more.  The frequency response on each station is quite impressive for AM.  The increased sensitivity is impressive.

Robert F.

These kind words are from a Floridian who just received his Sansui TU-717 tuner back from us:


I received the tuner Saturday the 31st. Hooked it up and sat down for a minute to listen to it. I had trouble believing at first this was the same tuner I sent to you. Your work is incredible.

I have no trouble picking up all the local stations. Previous to the repairs I would be lucky to get a couple at most. Mind you I am using the same antenna. I am also getting stations from Lakeland which is easily 60 miles away. Another thing too is the sound quality, considering the source, it is excellent. I plan on cleaning up that outer case and painting it. I am trying to decide using a satin black or matching the stock gray. Anyways, I hope to keep this piece in my setup for some time to come.

Thanks for the expertise and professional repairs. 

Steve T

Two days later another Sansui TU-717 owner writes:

    The tuner arrived about 1.5 Hrs ago & has been on for 1.25 Hours.  All I can say is WOW.  Even cold it runs rings around my T-2.  Signal strength after warm-up, about 30 mins, is at least 10% higher then it used to be.  I now have reception, & good reception, on stations I never knew were there.  Scanning the dial, not that I really DX at all but I pulled in a station from Elizabethtown, KY which is 80 mi. as the crow flies according to my map.  
    All this even before I can rightly judge the sound, which is even now,  just plain scary when you consider its coming fron a Tuner.  Bass through the floor, and as tight as anyone has the right to expect, so low that it actually lets my subs work the way they ought to. Highs are clean, extended & without sibilance.  I can't wait to see what this sounds like after the caps get more time on them. My humble thanks, 

John Carpanini

  Two live FM broadcasts of the MN Orchestra and numerous favorite FM haunts
and I am well pleased with your repair.  My Yamaha CT-7000 FM tuner is as it
should be.  All of my tuner's needs have been met or exceeded.  Your careful
handling the wood slipcase, all that I sent was returned and the packing
bear witness to the pride you take in your craft. More than one has failed
where you have succeeded. There are few like you left in this throw-away
culture we live in. I truly say, 'You are a national resource, dare I say
treasure?' And it is not enough that you have restored my tuner to its
former glory, you are also a hoot to talk with. Thank You!
 Best wishes and continued success with what I hope you love to do,
Jim G.
Portions of an email from another Sansui TU-717 owner:

Ken, past few days i was having major internet issues could not email.

I still hear that cycling noise , but its only on 90.1 so i think its the 
station? They do HD radio and

   i wonder if that has anything to do with it ? As far as the tuner i give 
you an ( F ) . This thing is

   quiet and sensitive but most amazing is the stereo separation, its like a 
cd in a good analog sound

    way. I guess thats how you made a name for yourself , do it honestly and 
the right way the first

    time and they will come back .  

    By the way that f is for fantastic……..
Forever thankfull , you the man.  As always have a great 
day.   Dani

Another Yamaha CT-7000 owner writes:

Dear Ken:

It was good meeting you yesterday. I love what you’ve done to the tuner. It operates flawlessly and sounds fabulous! What a dramatic improvement in every way! Thanks so much.


Hi Ken,
You fixed my mom's Dynaco SCA-80A amp last week and I just wanted to send a note of thanks.
My mom was a physicist in the Sound Section of the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards & Technology).  They used a factory-built Dynaco SCA-80A to drive the AR-4 speakers they used in the lab for a variety of projects because they offered such flat response.  So, I guess this is why I always giggle when I see the words "Lab Reference Series" or similar in ads for top-shelf audiophile equipment.  This stuff really was. She was acquainted with David Hafler and the products he developed at Dynaco from her work on various professional committees of IEEE and the American Acoustical Society, etc.  She also knew AR's founder, Edgar Vilchur.  Mom always regarded her professional acquaintances as her brilliant friends.  I think that's really why she always wanted buy their stuff: out of loyalty to her friends.  The fact that the stuff was the best, even if not alway s touted as such by the non-technical audio-snobs that write equipment reviews, was a nice extra.
I remember back in 1971 or '72 when my mom took me to pick-up the kit at Dixie Hi-Fi in Rockville, MD.  Dixie Hi-Fi later morphed into Circuit City, but that's another story.  We took it home and mom got out her soldering pen and her ancient (in 1972) tube HP oscilloscope.  I, my 7-year-old self, handed her the parts one at a time while she absent-mindedly made cold joint after cold joint wiring up the thing.  I love the smell of hot rosin-core solder to this day.  It must have been a pretty robust kit.  Worked the first time.  I think my father, the audiophile, pitched the mono HeathKit in the trash that night, tubes and all (ouch!)  Anyway, Dad hooked up the speakers and put on Handel's Messiah and marvelled at the low-frequency response.  In the early '90s the left channel output transistor went out, but having a mono switch fixed that in my father's displaced New England Yankee mind. 
Mom later built a matching Dynaco AF-5 tuner that mysteriously disappeared from the house when a somewhat shady tenant moved out. I kind of laugh thinking about the thief wondering why this "receiver" he stole didn't amplify anything....
After my parents passed away I put the house contents up for sale, but I couldn't ditch the amp.  Too much history.  A couple of years ago I started looking around for audiophile equipment, now that my kids were past the "lets-shove-pencils-through-dad's-woofer" stage.  Nothing really sent me.  Seems everything is a "home theater" these days.  My electronically-inclined cousin saw the Dynaco sitting on a shelf in my basement and asked, "Why don't you just fix it?  You're not going to find anything with any better specs, today."  
"Well, it's kind of old," I protested. 
"It was designed in '69.  They put a man on the moon in '69.  They couldn't do that now if they tried.  Fix it."
So I brought it to you, and you fixed it.
Then I bought an AF-5 on eBay which I brought to you and you fixed it.
Then the SCA-80's right channel gave out and I brought it to you and you fixed it. 
I brought Mom's amp home Thursday - thanks for the incredibly short turn-around.  I hooked it up and it powered it up nicely.  It sounds FABULOUS!!!  That is to say, it sounds like nothing - no hiss, no hum, no distortion, no control scratch - nothing.  All good amps should sound like nothing.  They're supposed to sound like nothing.  One of the complaints that I've heard about the SCA-80 is that it has "colorless" vintage sound.  What's vintage about flat response? Well, if you want to muddy it up, get a graphic equilizer and make it sound however you want.  Me, I like my transparent, flat, 35-year-old amp.  Now if I could just find some non-vintage speakers worthy of this amp.  Mom's smiling...
Thanks again.

Ken,  I wanted to thank you for the great work you did on this amp (kenwood
ka-907). It sounds great.  I can't believe how well made it was.  The tuner,
a kenwood KT-815 is wonderful as well, as is the pioneer PL-570 TT.  They
all sound great!    Great job.  Thanks again.    Norm
Working in my shop on a rainy day this morning and listening to the TC-765 RTR that you serviced and thought I'd drop you a note of thanks. You did an excellent job and she is working as well as she did 30 years ago. It makes me very happy.
Thanks again and nice work!
--> mark from mass.
Barbara & I (John), would like to thank you for fixing our 15 year old stero, in proper time. Finding a business, & a person as honest as KEN is what we need more of, in this day & age. We were kept in touch as to what was needed to fix our stero, & KEN gave us an honest opnion if it was worth fixing.
Hi, Ken.
I just wanted to let you know that my Yamaha T-85 you
serviced a while ago is doing very well.  I've never
heard such a quiet tuner!  The dynamics are very
impressive as well, and when I listen with headphones
there is WIDE separation.  As far as reception goes, I
can pick up some stations that I had written off as
un-receivable.  I really appreciate the care that you
and your staff took with my tuner.  

Thanks a lot!
-J. P.
Dear Ken,

It was an extreme pleasure doing business with you.  You are an 
extremely knowledgeable, honest, intelligent and dedicated person.  
These are merits from a bygone era. You made my Pioneer 1977 SX 1250 
like new. It was and is now again the finest  fm receiver ever made. 


Dr. Gary Glick

Ken, Carol:  
I’ve had a chance to listen to my Luxman T - 02 tuner you repaired for me.  In addition to the comments I forwarded initially, let me say that this unit sounds every bit as good, and maybe better than my Luxman T – 530 tuner, which has been my reference for many years.  Thank you for an outstanding job resurrecting this old piece which now sings as well as any CD player or turntable I’ve ever owned.  Ken, you are indeed THE MAN.  Make no mistake about it.  Awesome job, its good to know craftsmanship and professionalism is indeed alive and well in America.  Please accept my genuine endorsement and full appreciation for the excellent work you did on my behalf.  All the best, Mark Mendenhall, Bellingham, Washington
Yamaha CT-7000 owner #3 writes:

I want you to know that I received my restored ct7000, and have been playing it for several weeks now.  Though it was “just fine” before I sent it to you, the change is nothing short of astonishing.  I had no expectation that this unit was capable of the sonic improvement you have wrought.  I had been thinking it would become my office tuner (background).  After careful comparisons it now has displaced, in my main system, the previous #1 (a Sansui 919 modded by XXX), and #2 (a Tandberg 3001a modded by XXXXXXXXXX).  Given a strong signal it is simply beyond belief.  If ever you have use for a reference, know that I will gladly serve.  

Thank you.


Ken, just want to thank you for the superb work you did on my multiple components (Yamaha C-4 pre-amp, Yamaha M-4 power amp, Yamaha T-70 tuner, Technics SU-8600 integrated, and Pioneer TX-6200 tuner).  Not only was your work of the highest quality, your very intelligent and knowledgeable recommendations about what work was worth doing, and what wasn't were very valuable, especially to the brash neophyte who has read just enough blather to be dangerous.  The components (some over 30 years old) sound new again, and have resparked (no pun intended) my interest in listening to music.  And regardless of what you pretend to be, you are a pretty nice guy to boot!  There should be no doubt that I will strongly and frequently recommend you to my friends.  Work of this quality and honesty of your sort are in short supply these days.  Again, many thanks, and all the best, Phil Wheeler (McLean, Virginia)
 Dear Ken,
 I just wanted to drop a note to express our thanks and gratitude to
 you in the handling one of our older stereos with a storm problem.
 Your personal demeanor and professionalism in working with us was
 outstanding.  I would definitely recommend your shop to any and all of
 my family, friends and people I may meet that may be in need of
 electronic repair. Well not that the people will need electronic
 repair, but their equipment might. Oh heck, maybe you do pacemakers??

 Thanks again!
 Laura and Kevin Carney

 P.S. the Pioneer is running as strong as ever.

Hi Ken,

Just a note to let you know I have the DAF20 and it was received in
great condition.  Great packing job, by the way.  I did end up paying
about $60 on brokerage fees and taxes.  That's the way it is with UPS.

You can usually get away with it using USPS.  

Anyway, I have had it hooked up and it sounds great.  All stations
receive on full signal and the sound is great.  Now I just have to do
something with my equipment rack to get it in there!

Thanks again for your work on both of my units.   Both sound super and
it is nice to know they have been worked on by someone who cares as
much as you do.

Thanks again,


Tony Wiseman
Auditor III
Office of the Auditor General
Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
PO Box 8700
St. John's, NL


I put 7 amp fast blow fuses in the circuit, and I've had no problems at all for several hours of listening.  This includes testing the circuit with some Led Zeppelin at volume levels higher than my "normal" listening levels.

For the record, I also want to let you know how delighted I am with your standard of service quality.  Not only did the work you did on my Marantz 2600 go well beyond what I had anticipated in terms of quality, care, and attention, but recent experience suggests that the "after sale" service standards of Stereo Surgeons are just as high as the standards of the initial work performed.

Geno may be a terrific basketball coach, but when it comes to putting a 27 year old piece of valuable audio jewelry back into tip top condition, and going beyond that to ensure that it stays in tip top condition, as far as I am concerned, Ken is God!

Many thanks from one very, very satisfied customer.

Best regards,

Hi Ken,

Just a note to say THANKS for fixing my Accuphase E202 a while ago. It
is doing duty driving a pair of Snell C II's and getting input from a
Denon AVR 3200.

Sounds just awesome!

Carey McMaster
This customer sent us a rare Eumig T-1000 tuner which was not functioning:

In order to best express my gratitude and satisfaction with the upgrade and repairs to the Eumig, I will defer to "Brooklyn-Speak" to help communicate these emotions.

"use guys is flippin amazin!"

Looking forward to doing business with you again.

george osai

You repaired my Luxman L-530 amp and T-240 tuner.  Brought to life a pair of items that were given up for dead 25 yrs ago.  Thanks so much.  I am so impressed with the work you did and with how quickly and reasonably you did it.  I had a really good time speaking with you and learning more about the hobby.  Thanks so much for the quality of work and the quality of the transaction.

Take care,
John O.
Another Mitsubishi DA-F20 owner writes:

Dear Ken,
It has now been about two months that I have had the restored tuner back in my audio system.  I would like to sincerely thank you for bringing my beloved vintage tuner 'back to life'.  I very much enjoy the fantastic sound and operational accuracy.  It is great to know that a service like yours is available to those who treasure their aging audio components.  You can be sure that I will send my
next unit to you again.
Best regards,
Ulli Flathmann
New Hope, PA
March 3, 2008

Mr. Ken Bernacky
Stereo Surgeons
1195 Main Street
East Hartford, CT  06108

Dear Ken:
    I  have been enjoying the Sansui TU 9900 you repaired and modified for me. You gave me excellent advice on what needed to be done, you made an accurate estimate of the cost, you took preliminary measurements to show the improvement, and you produced outstanding results. I sent you a tuner that was dirty, out of alignment, tuned stations erratically, and played only in mono, a deficiency the e-Pray seller had not noticed. Highlights of your work included repairing the multiplexer stage, rebuilding the power supply, replacing the aging capacitors and op-amps, aligning and cleaning the tuner, thus returning to me a classic tuner in excellent shape, and for a very reasonable price. 

    Your before-and-after measurements showed the remarkable improvements: to pick just a few specs, sensitivity dropped from 3.5 uv to 0.9 uv; stereo distortion in wide bandwidth dropped to one tenth of the original measurement, from 0.16% to 0.016%; and separation in wide improved from 33 dB to 54 dB. In fact, every spec you measured was as good as or better than the values listed in the owner's manual, truly impressive work on a thirty-year old tuner. The sound is superb on strong stations, and even on weak stations, the narrow bandwidth and the optical noise canceller/hi-blend circuit allow for clean listening without going to full mono.

    Most significantly, without your expertise and ability to repair thirty-year old components, I would have been stuck with a mono-only tuner. Collecting vintage tuners is great fun, but it would be impossible without you and your repair skills. I have enthusiastically recommended you to several of my audiophile friends, who are as happy as I am with your work.

        Warm Regards,

        T. J. Baker

I wanted you to have this very positve feedback on the recent modifications you did to my vintage Sansui TU-717.
Thanks to you, the tuner sounds wonderful! It's very muscial and I can honestly say I've NEVER heard FM sounding like this. Very, very clear, noise-free and excellent tonal balance from top to bottom thanks to your installing new parts and giving it a top-notch alignment. Sensitivity has increased dramatically so that I'm pulling stations now with a much higher needle reading across the dial. There's also no noise or dropping out on the volume control and the power supply problem is completely gone now. I also appreciate the thorough cleaning you gave it inside and out - it looks better than brand new. I think the "before" and "after" specifications you provided further prove what a great job you did - the tuner exceeds original specifications by a very considerable margin and it's clearly audible. Of course thanks to you I am going to have to put an antenna on the roof now because I can't wait to hear how great this really sounds.
I thought your thorough and routine communications with me throughout the estimation and status of repair process was exceptional. The repair price was VERY reasonable considering the outstanding quality of the work done. Such good work - I'm going to have to start an FM tuner collection just so I can be a repeat customer.
Ken, you are one of the greats!  I was really glad that I got to meet you in person and talk a bit. Anyone who just mails you their stuff for repair is missing out on the best part of the whole experience!
Kindest Regards,
Barry McHale
A Very Satisfied Customer
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This customer had us restore 3 vintage pieces; a tuner, a turntable, and a cassette deck....

Well, Ken, it's been about two weeks since you diagnosed the bad solder spot in the tuner and cleaned the contacts in the turntable. I let the units run as continuously as practical, unplugging for lightning events. There has been NO hum from the tuner whatsoever. Sounds sweet and clear, seperation great, reception also great. Reception would be better if I had a new connection at the antenna, but I am petrified of heights.
  I can turn the volume up to max on the turntable and hear only the slightest of hums, nothing at all at the volume level I normally use. What is so great is that I went to the dump a couple of times and found two cast-off LPs for .50 each. One is two different Mozart violin concertos featuring Jascha Heifitz. The other is the Beethoven violin concerto, the only one he wrote.  Tape deck sounds terrific.    Many thanks, I'll be a reference for you anytime. Pete
This customer already owned a Sansui TU-717 which we restored a couple of years ago, he purchased another one and sent it to us, his comments on the second one follow (he refers to keeping the technician in "a helmet and some body armor" because our tuner technician recently dislocated his right shoulder and was unable to work for a month):

My tuner arrived safely, and it sounds great. The results are well worth the wait. I hope your tech's health continues to improve. People who charge lots of money are not hard to find. People who do good work are. Get him a helmet and some body armor.
Randy Minor
Hi Ken - we hooked up the stereo today and it sounds incredible. Better than its sounded in a long time. Much clearer and sharper. Is it possible that the items you fixed resulted in this...or is it just in our heads from having listened to poor quality music in the absence of our MAC?? Either way...we're thrilled to have wonderful music for Christmas. Thanks so much...and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! You're a real pro - in a time when there aren't many of those left.
Thanks so much Ken. Tuner arrived safely today and it sounds and works GREAT!

Wonderful to know there are still folks around who know what they're doing.

Thanks again,

Dave Kidd
Hello Ken,

This morning I hooked up my Kenwood 600T tuner and ran it through some stations.  I am thoroughly impressed.  I really must say that this is a completely new, different, and better tuner now.  When I first turned it on it happened to be next to a station which almost pegged the signal strength meter at 78dB.  My favorite station (102.1) is now at 45dB (up from 25), and my second favorite (88.5) is now at 55dB (up from 40).  A college station I never could receive now sits at 25dB.  The tuning is spot-on.  And of course the audio is great.

Unfortunately my favorite station (102.1) still has lots of multipath fading in and out based on what the meter is telling me.  This ends up distorting the audio in stereo mode.  I presently have an S antenna in the attic.  I think I need to try a directional FM antenna.  I’m not sure if I should go with a Yagi or a Log Periodic.  Possibly the Antenna Performance Specialties APS-9B, or the Winegard HD-6055P or HD-6000.  Any suggestions on eliminating the multipath would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for doing such an excellent job in getting my 600T to be better than it ever was.



Just want to say you are AWESOME!!  after almost 34 years
we are still listening to a great receiver that thanks
to you has now been resurrected!! As you know Ron bought
this BEFORE we had a washer so that speaks for itself.
Not too many talented and honest people like you around - we are so happy to have met you. Here's to another
successful "SURGERY"  Thank you Ken!! 
March, 2009

Ron & June S.

Ken Bernacky is the man !!!!!!!
       I have a Kenwood KT 815 tuner [1978 year] that is very musical. I had given it up for dead, terrible signal strength  and the sound cutting in and out.
While on website, I came across Kens business The Stereo Surgeons, and brought the ailing tuner to him.
       Well good golly, after fixing and an alignment the signal strength is maximum, and the tuning needle is dead on: [ie 91.3 is 91.3 on the Fm dial]
No noise while listening to my favorite FM stations.
        Ken is totally recommended in my book and like he said " you think you brought home someone elses tuner"
                                                                                                                         Rich Briggie
                                                                                                                         Sales Manager Crowley Volkswagen
Many thanks again for your tremendous service and expertise in repairing/overhauling both my Pioneer SX-980 and Sansui TU-717.  While most people may take for granted that their vintage pieces are performing "perfectly", the value and expertise of your service insures that my pieces will perform "better than new", and there's wonderful piece of mind knowing that they will last for years to come thanks to your expertise and years of experience.
I can't thank you enough, and you can be sure that I will recommend you highly to everyone I can so that they may also benefit from your tremendous skills.  You have a customer "for life" as I will never bring or send my equipment to anyone else.
Many thanks again.
Robert Barry

Robert J. Barry
Legal Secretary

Thank you so much for all of your advice and good work on my Kenwood 990d tuner. First let me say that I was expecting a lot from you because of you being recommended on the Tuner Information site. Well, you exceeded my expectations!
The tuner pulls in that weak station in stereo now with a full bar reading, before I got three bars in mono.
It remembers stations now, before it would forget them.
It also sounds better. It is richer with better imaging and tighter bass; it already had deep bass. (the sound rivals my Cambridge 840c CD player)
I am one happy camper!
 On a personal note: I am back from the hospital, my 2-3 hour operation took almost 6. But they got the job right, I was off morphine in two days & at home in four.
If anyone were to ask me about my experience with Stereo Surgeons I would say that Ken is world class, he cares about his customers and the quality of his work. 
Thanks, Dave

     I set up my stereo over the weekend and it sounds fantastic!  I would have never thought that cleaning up the old NAD would make such a difference.  The sound is very powerful yet so clear it sparkles.  You are a genuine electronics wizard.  Thanks again for another perfect job.
Jay Mundy

Hi, Ken, 

Loved talking to you today.  But the gist of this email is WOW!  I guess that I had not quite realized how the Nad had slowly stopped performing adequately. Now we have bass, we have mid-range, we have tones I got used to living without.  Tonight Judy Collins was hypnotic, Orchestra Baobab was tonally precise, and Jorma Kaukonen and Pete Sears made me soar.  Our speakers sounded like they did when we bought them.  

So thanks a million.  I appreciate the work you did on our Nad.  We are determined to have FM again.  We will let you know if we find the part.  


Excerpts from an email from a customer who just picked up a tuner, amp, and reel to reel machine:

Ken: Thanks for your note. That's good news on the owner's manuals. I hooked up the Sansui Tuner and Amp last night to the Fortes, and the sound is breathtaking! Thank you so much for your genius! I also have discovered radio stations I never knew existed!!! It looks like I may not be in East Hartford until next Wednesday or Thursday, but I appreciate your offer to remove the 707 feet as I am hoping to find a suitable rack to install both the tape decks in. Once again, many thanks. Take care, Roger

A job well done:  Ken Thank you very much for the great job you did on my sansui 8080. It sounds and works as if I just brought it home from the stereo store in 1977. Ken I can't thank you enough for the work you did on this unit. again Thank You Fred

A note.of thanks for your efforts on my behalf.  Hi Ken, the joy of the day to you.  From one 'dinosaur' to another, I just want to thank you for the quick turn-around on the repair of my stereo equipment.  Please be advised that I am listening to the vinyl recording of 'The Who' Quadrafinia album...never thought I would hear that again, on vinyl...
....we have yet to fire up Rose's turntable, will do that after we return from vacation... I trust you are well....stop in some day, should you get the opportunity, thanks again...
Richard Swartwout
'on the 'Old Hope River', in the 'Quiet Corner' of the 'Last Green Valley'

Thanks for the quick and efficient repair of my beloved Kenwood KT-5500 tuner. It was great to meet you and also fun to look over all of the interesting legacy hi-fi gear in your shop.

John Burgeson

Dear Ken,

I just hooked up my stereo and wanted to once again say "Thank You."  I can even access NPR - which is great!  Since music plays (no pun intended) such an important part in my life, it is refreshing to know there are still specialists and in your case experts who can diagnose and repair stereo equipment.

Again with great appreciation, I thank you!

Sincerely, Pat Santoro (Alley MacBeal's friend)

Thanks for bringing my Technics receiver back to life. I hooked it up last night and it sounds great. The tuner brings in more stations than my other receivers as well. Also, as you may recall, you produced a couple of CD's from a 30+ year old 8-track of my rock band. I sent those CD's to some surviving band mates and we all had a great flashback. thanks again

Tom Kerekes

Hi Ken,

This email is LONG overdue...Just want to tell you what a GREAT job you did on our speakers...Godfrey and I could not be happier with the quality of their sound...Will not hesitate to call on you again the next time we need work done...THANK YOU!!!



Wanted to get back to you as a follow up. The job you did on my Marantz 120 was outstanding. It has and continues to be just fantastic. The sound and all tuning functions are all spot on. Now I receive more stations than I need! Just wanted you to know how much enjoyment it brings everyday.
All the best,

Rich Moyle

Sent from my iPad

Hello Ken, Actually I need nothing! I just wanted to say hello and let you know all three of my stereos you repaired still work flawlessly. I always get a hold of you when I need a repair, so I thought it would be nice to just say hi, and thanks for the years of service. Nice to know genuine people still exist. Thanks as always, hope you are doing good. Rick
Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on my Marantz 26 receiver. It sounds absolutely incredible. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have "saved" this treasure from my childhood. 

Thanks again and I would recommend your business to anyone.

-Sam Fabian

March 20, 2014

I wanted to thank you for what turned out to be one of the most professional and rewarding vendor experiences I have had in years. The PA4 was returned to me in tip-top condition, functionally and cosmetically. Thank you. 

As I tested it with my a/d/s/ R4 as the preamp ( our proposed ticket 39504) , I also discovered that the R4 seems to be working fine. The pop-out control door as still stuck in the closed position, but I work around it by utilizing the a/d/s/ RC1 remote control. 

I wanted to let you know that I will not be sending the unit in at this time. Once I am able to allocate additional funds for restoration of my a/d/s/ equipment, I will surely contact you again to obtain another ticket number. 

Thanks for being such a thoughtful and reliable vendor. 


Rick Borman
Naples FL 

Re:  Sansui AU 777 A

Ken, Again you hit the ball out of the park with the repair of my Sansui AU 777A. This is the second piece of equipment I have brought to Ken for repair. This is also the second piece of equipment to come back home working like it did when brought home from the stereo store in 1969, maybe better ( ears not as good as they use to be) Thank you very much for the excellent work you have done, looking forward to doing more business with you 

Fred Gruntler

Pioneer TX-9800

Hi Ken, Stereo Surgeon's rehabilitated our 1978 Pioneer Tuner for us a few years back. It required some new caps, an alignment, and even a few parts you had to "engineer" due to lack of availability. We just wanted to say that it is still sounding great - really great - and we appreciate the attention to detail as well as the quality of your work. Thanks! 

Rick and Tricia Lloyd

My #1 prized possession, again, bringing my music back into my home

Ken, as I've told you before, words alone cannot show my gratitude for repairing my receiver and four speakers!! After not hearing any of my music, for what seemed like an eternity, my most treasured possession has once again brought music back, within these walls!! It sounds BETTER than I can remember!!!! We are completely and thoroughly overjoyed to be able to once again, purchase new music, come home and, actually LISTEN to it!!!! This is not the first time I came to you, it won't be the last!! You've earned the kudos!!!! We will definitely spread the word of what you do and are passionate about!!! Again, THANKYOU!!!!!! 

Very Sincerely Yours....Robin Doiron & Dan Yorke

Hey Ken,  I want to let you know how happy I am with the service and performance of my  Polk powered sub-woofer. I will recommend you when ever I can.  Thank You again,  Joe Fazio 
We received this creative note from a customer who just had his Sansui TU-X1 tuner worked on by us:

X--- xasperating
1---It is without doubt # 1
Great job Ken I love it-----------------All the best-----------JR

The NAD is pulling them in like gangbusters..good work! Only the slightest splatter (fixed by rotating the Silver Ribbon antenna) on the most distant station I listen to. All are in Stereo. Also, low-power stations I knew not of are coming in on the low part of the "dial". 
Mark in Dallas, TX
Hi Ken;
Want to inform you of the metamorphosis of my speakers since you aligned the tuner.  The speakers sound radiant, colorful and alive. The sound is characteristic of the fine Kenwood tuners embellished by your fine work getting my receiver up to specs.
Thanks again for your prompt, fine work on my equipment.  Shall bring the old Yamaha receiver up shortly for a tuneup.
Best regards, 
Fred H.
ps. Am  listening to Mussorsky's, Pictures at an Exhibition as I write this missive-the clarity and expanse of the music is thrilling to behold.

Hi Ken, 

It was great talking to you yesterday -  as always.  You were right as usual - I wet cleaned the heads as you suggested and problem fixed.  Thank you so much.  You'll be hearing from me soon with another piece of equipment which needs fixing.



July 2, 2014


Just a note to let you know the Accuphase T-101 tuner is working better than ever!

Thanks again.

Don Splaun

July 12, 2014

Hi Ken,

Thank you again for all your help repairing my Mac, as well as securing it with the bungee cords. Anyway, it is all hooked upped and it sounds better than ever on my Bose 10.2's.

I try to educate my friends and coworkers on how nice the classic sound is. But, unfortunately all they care about is all the bells and whistles, which I am sure, that 95% are not used. But I am very happy indeed.


February 13, 2015

Hi Ken -

You ROCK!! My wife, son, and I spent the night listing an interesting mix of new and old. The tuner works great.

For me, it is like turning back the clock….a crispness in sound, that can only seem to get better with volume. I am hearing things in music that I have not heard in 30 years. Great fun.

Not to be missed was a comment from David, who observed how the Attenuator clicks as you change the volume -it is as good as new. You do amazing work!

On a personal note, i also want to thank you for helping to open a channel of communication for our family. To borrow a line from the Sound of Music movie….you have brought music into our home (and ear buds have become optional).

Thank you